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Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

The group on the beach stood looking at the menacing man in front of them. "Bill?" Patricia asked again.

"That's not Bill," Sarah whispered. "I know Bill, and that's not him. He would never do something like this."

"So who is it, then?" Jake whispered back, a fake smile fixed on his face. "Actually, I don't care who he is. He has a gun, and I think that's what we should really be focusing on here ..."

The man who was not Bill strode towards the baffled group. "As I said, people, you aren't going anywhere. I can't have you telling the authorities about my projects here on this island ..."

"Not to mention the kidnapping ..." Lesley added.

"And the plutonium," Doug said. "Can I have some of that?"

"No," Karen replied firmly.

"You always spoil my fun," he whimpered.

"Love you," Karen smiled sweetly.

"So, if you aren't Bill," Lesley began, "what *is* your name? We may as well know, since you already think we know too much."

"His name is Biff!" a voice shouted from within the trees.

At that moment, eight Koji warriors, Todo, and Princess Koji herself stepped out of the trees. But none seemed to be the likely source for the voice.

"Biff?" Jake repeated loudly. "His name is *Biff*?"

"Yes," the unseen voice replied. "He's my evil twin."

Bill stepped out from behind the trees, gun trained on Biff, and joined Koji's forces on the beach. Biff, clearly outnumbered by more people than usually on the show, dropped his gun onto the sand.

"Princess, he's all yours," Bill said.

"I have no interest in a half-wit," Koji responded quickly. "However, I do want this island and all of Biff's 'projects'. Todo ..."

Todo shouted an order in Japanese. A moment later, after much sound and fury on behalf of the Koji warriprs, Biff lay bound on the beach, pleading for mercy.

Koji turned to Bill. "Kindly remove this ... waste of space from *my* island."

"Gladly, Princess," Bill replied.


The Goose landed once again in Boragora. Jake had never been so glad to see that glorified sandbar in his life. But he wasn't sure what to do about Patricia. The clipper was leaving the next day. He was running out of time.

One by one, they got out of the Goose. Bill hauled the bound Biff ontothe dock and began dragging him towards the beach. "I'm taking this guy to the Magistrate du Justice," he said. "Louie still own the bar?"

"Oh, yeah," Corky said. "We'll see you up there in a few minutes. We have to help Doug carry the still."

For the next several minutes, each person took a section of the still. Finally, as a group, they began carrying it up towards the Monkey Bar.

Standing on the front steps of the Monkey Bar was a broad-shouldered, ruggedly handsome man. He was tall, about six-foot-four, with medium brown hair, and a five o'clock shadow which showed it was nearing eight. His piercing green eyes watched the Goos e with more than just a passing interest, and his gaze was focused on Patricia. A smile slid across his boyish face and he jumped down the steps and hurried towards the dock.

"Rick?" Patricia shrieked as she reached the end of the dock. "Is that really you?"

"Oooh," Sarah uttered in awe as her eyes took in the muscled shoulders, the snug pants, and the dark tendrils of chest hair curling out of the open-collared shirt.

Karen nodded imperceptibly, lest Doug notice. She'd always had an unspoken "appreciation" for Patricia's best pal and could certainly understand Sarah's reaction. Jake, on the other hand, was not so easily impressed. His eyes were narrowed to near-glo wer, and he looked like someone had just sucker-punched him.

Dropping all of the metal parts with a clatter, Patricia leapt into an ecstatic Rick's arms. "What are you doing here?" she laughed joyfully. "It's not that I'm not happy to see you ..."

"I needed to see you," he replied. "You've been gone so long, Trishie ..."

"Trishie?" Jake muttered. "I thought only her father and I were allowed ..."

Patricia smiled up at Rick. "I've missed you, too. But we have great news! We found Karen's husband, and I'm coming home." She paused. "Does that sound good to you?"

Rick nodded, an easy smile spreading across his face once more. "It'd sound even better if you were coming home to me."

A long moment passed as Patricia stared into Rick's eyes, wondering if she'd understood him correctly. After being friends for so long, she thought she knew him pretty well.

"Yes, Trishie," he whispered. "That's what I mean. Come home with me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

The remainder of the group eased away from the happy couple, giving them a little privacy. Jake, however, just stood, open-mouthed, looking very much like all of the wind had been taken out of his sails.

"C'mon, Jake," Corky said, patting him on the shoulder. "I'll buy you a beer."

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"Yesnidfan@aol.com" Yesnidfan@aol.com Im a big fan of this show I don't have mutch time now, but I wanted to thank you for all the imfofmation . I don't have any of shows on tape if you could help me with this problem I would be for every greatfull. I have been with out the satisfaction of seeing the best tv show to garce the box ... for ever . I was not able to see it on cable when it was on . No in east Tn (hillbilles) seems to even know about the show So I haven't had a chat with any one at the Monkey Bar or anything close to a convercation about the show in years . " Pleas Help "
Well, I do have tapes, but I've got a long waiting list for copies. It's probably best if you check back in about a month. In the meantime, stop by the site for more memories and conversation.

Banks Andresblue@aol.com Has anyone made video tape of the Gold Monkey? If so where can I find them? About 2 years ago I saw some of these run on Ted Turner network. I look at the video store for them and ask if they could get them. Most of the kids have never saw The Gold Monkey.
Thanks keeping the Gold Monkey alive
There are no official tapes, but there are copies to be had. I'm swamped with requests right now, but I'll post your request to the bulletin board just in case someone else can help you.

Richard A Todt richtodt@coastalnet.com Hi, I am Richard, and I found your site quite by accident. I was looking for some of H. R. Geiger's artwork about a year ago, and since his name is spelled "Giger" I did not find it, but found you instead.
I was a fan of the show when It was first on tv, and I remember much of the episodes that you described in the episode guides.
I have shared this site with anyone that would listen. I must admit that I am not as strong a follower as Ms. Annino, but I do enjoy the website, and the work she has done does not rate the "Pale" comment.
The current question in my mind is whether she is a Howard Stern follower as well.
Well, best wishes, and if there is anything that I may assist in , please feel free to let me know.
Thanks for the compliments and the offer for assistance, Richard. I'm glad you like the site. To be honest, I've never really been a fan of Howard Stern. I don't hate the guy (everybody's got to make a living), but his humor is just a little too crude for my tastes.

Tom Greene TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Hello all. I apologize for not writing sooner. In fact, I realized I haven’t written since the great gathering of 1997. Funny to think that when we had that meeting we were experiencing a major heat wave and draught here in LA, and if you remember, my great big black bear of a dog, Kubrick, spent most of his time under the table drinking frozen margaritas to stay cool. And now, as you’ve heard, we’re into El Niño season where the houses on the hills compete for the great Olympic sport of Home-sledding. I should talk, since I too live up in the Hollywood Hills, but in the OLD section, built in the days when they knew how to build homes on hills. So I was very safe... but it was wet! And they say we are in for more.
For those who asked in the e-mail... my horses are all safe and sound, and yes, I had to trailer them to "higher ground" during the flooding. And for those who asked about how my mare was doing... mother and son are now doing wonderful, so now I am the proud father of 22 horses and assorted other four-legged furry friends.
I’ve been out of town almost since the gathering. First in Germany doing a film, and then to Japan for a series of projects, then back down to Colorado and Vegas to do some commercials.
Again, although very belatedly, I want to thank all of you for creating that gathering and allowing some great old friends who don’t see each other enough... to get together. For some of them, like Caitlin... it was my first hello since the show itself, and I had forgotten when we all sat down to talk, how much I loved all those people, and how amazing it was to work with them, from Steve, to Jeff, to Caitlin... to Harvey! I think you all felt the “magic” too, and I guess it showed on the screen or there wouldn’t be all the great fans that do so much to keep Gold Monkey alive. I’ve actually worked on only one other show, my western Mini-Series WILDSIDE, that had the same feeling, and all the cast and crew on that show still keep in touch. In fact, just yesterday I spoke with Ozzie Smith, (who shot some of the Gold Monkey episodes as well) and shot my Mini-Series (and is now doing Dr. Quinn), and it looks a whole group of Wildside cast and crew are going to met this April in Missouri at a charity I do down there... all inspired by your great gathering!
I must say, however that Kubrick (my dog, not the director), is excited as hell to now be part of the Cyber world with your photo... but he’s a bit miffed that the photo was not of his good side. He’d like to send you another one if he could, in case there are casting directors out there. What he really wants to do is direct of course, and has this script...
Anyway, while I was gone, my Website went on-line, so if I can... I would like to throw out just a little bit of shameless self-promotion and ask if you could link it to your massively successful Website. It’s OFFTHEBOSS.COM, and is based on a book that I co-wrote. The book itself has been wildly successful, and now has been turned into a Website for some great interactive “off the bossing”. The concept is a “how to survival manual”... which tells you in great detail how to tell off your boss without getting fired. You can, of course, also order the book and all the great OFF THE BOSS merchandise on-line. We also have a game show in the works that will make Jerry Springer proud.
I have several new shows in development which I will tell you about as they become more “solid”. I’m always trying to recapture the magic of TGM, and hope to make you all proud when them come on the air.
As always, thank you all for the great e-mail, and the questions you keep asking. I’m amazed how you can keep coming up with such interesting questions for a show that had only twenty-odd episodes.
The best question I must say came from a fan in Japan (who, yes, loves your Website by the way... you really ARE an international hit!). In broken English she asked how come “Walton’s Mountain” looked so much like Bora Gora? It sounded like a very strange question, until I realized that she was right. “The Walton’s” was shot on the Warner Brother’s lot, literally right next door to Universal, and they used the Lake Hollywood Mountains as their backdrop...and of course, we used the exact same mountains as our backdrop when shooting the exterior of the Monkey Bar on our backlot. So yes, John Boy and Jake could very well have done a “cross-over” show... in fact, come to think of it, they were both around the same time-period. Maybe THAT’S how to get the show back... TALES OF THE GOLD JOHN BOY.
Once again, thanks again for bringing us all together, and for the nifty T-shirt.
Best, Cowboy Tom Greene
Howdy Stranger! I'm pleased to see that I'm not only inspirational, but I'm an international sensation as well. I think I'll add this to my resume.
I'd be proud to have a new Kubrick picture for the site. Hey! Why doesn't Kubrick get his own web site? Put a couple of head shots on their, his CV, samples of his writing and acting prowess. The casting directors would be beating down his door. I could design it for him. Just another little something to add to the resume.
Glad to hear that you and all the animals are high and not-quite-dry. Personally, I like El Nino. There hasn't been any real snow or ice accumulation in SE Mass. all winter long. I love that!

Kathy Fleming Lockhavn@gte.net Too cool! I was looking for Stephen Collins-related sites/pictures to link to my web page, and I came across your page. I think it's great you have a page dedicated to this series, especially with great links to 7th Heaven and JAG. So I'm not the only person out there that's still into this stuff!
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your site. I am working on a site of my own, and I'd like to add a page to it (eventually) with all my personal "faves" on it, and when I do that, I'd love to link to your site, if that's okay. I can let you know my exact URL once I'm up and running.
Take care, and keep up the good work!
It's nice to know that you're not alone, isn't it Kathy? Feel free to add a link to your page and let me know the URL when everything's all set.

I recently received 5 messages from Barb Chatametikool Bnsintex@flash.net. Rather than answering each one separately, I'll reply at the end.

Letter #1 Hi, I'm #28993 and I'm really enjoying your web site. I have thought of Tales of the Gold Monkey off and on for many years. I watched it faithfully in Thailand where I grew up, probably in 1984 or 85 (so I was 15/16) since shows shown there were usually at least a season old. I've seen Stephen Collins on 7th Heaven which has most recently reminded me how much I enjoyed and miss TOTGM. I don't like 7th Heaven, but felt compelled, finally, to search on the net for a TOTGM site. I actually wanted to find out who played the girl. Now I know.
My favorite part of the show was the relationship between Jake and Sarah. How tantalizing and frustrating it was that they didn't quite get together (or acknowledge their feelings for each other). I also really liked the adventure and suspense. It worked for me anyhow. I've enjoyed reading the episode synopses. The last time I saw the show was in 84/85 and I've never seen reruns (and don't have cable), so my memories of specific episodes is hazy. The relationships between characters (Jake and Sarah in particular) is what I remember the most. This was the first thing I ever saw Roddy McDowell in. I liked him and the character a lot. I later saw him as a child in a Lassie movie. That was pretty exciting. Jeff MacKay I've seen in Baa Baa Black Sheep as well as Magnum, PI, both shows I really like.
I hate being called a Gen Xer, but I must admit that I fit the TOTGM fan profile. Oh, well. I'm just glad to see how many other people loved and continue to love the show and felt compelled to find a web site (or create one!), 14 years (in my case) after having seen the show.
Thanks! You've done a great job!

Letter #2 This is from Barb Chatametikool again. I just wanted to add that I really liked Tale Spin (because of its similarity to TOTGM). When I was student teaching in Seattle from Jan to Apr 1991, I would come home everyday at 3 pm and watch the Disney afternoon cartoons. Tale Spin was by far my favorite. I was disappointed a couple years later when I tried to watch the Disney afternoon cartoons that Tale Spin was no longer showing.

Letter #3 Yes, this is from Barb Chatametikool again. I am reading through your first bulletin board so that I could see what people were saying from the beginning. I think I'll check out your latest bulletin board after I'm done with #1. I just read through someone's comment about preferring an Asian actress for Princess Koji. I myself am Amerasian (dad is Thai, mom is American) and I hate it when characters who are supposed to be half-white, half-Asian are played by either all white or, more often, all Asian actors. Is Marta DuBois actually an Asian/White mix? Since I saw the show so long ago, I don't remember what she actually looked like.
As for age, I was born in December 1968, which was the year of the monkey. Someone may have already written in about this, but 1967 was the year of the goat/sheep, I believe.

Letter #4 Oh, I had trouble finding a site for TOTGM through my metacrawler search, so I searched for Stephen Collins instead and found the "official Stephen Collins page". That's where I got the link to your page.

Letter #5 As I read BB#4 (Yes, I have been on this computer for far too many hours this afternoon now turning into evening. . .), I feel I must back track a little on saying that I don't like 7th Heaven. I don't, it's not the kind of show that I am compelled to watch, but I do think that SC is extremely good looking and I think that he and the cast do a good job. I also think that it is a show worth keeping on the air. I just don't watch it although I have caught a couple episodes. I prefer the far less perfect characters of TotGM and other shows. 7th Heaven is a little too feel-goodish and cutesy for me. I'm glad such shows exist, however, because good family fare is hard to find. So, do I sound defensive enough? I just didn't want to or mean to offend anyone.

To conserve time and space, I thought I'd just give you one big reply to all your e-mails. Thanks for taking the time to go through the site and send me your comments. I really appreciate it.
I don't know if Marta DuBois was Eurasian or not. Either way, I think she did a fine job in the role.
And don't worry about not liking 7th Heaven. It's not a requirement. As long as you're a Monkiac, you're welcome to stop by and chat.

Aknot aknot@uswest.net I maintain a website on Maureen O'Hara and there is a particular photo that Roddy took of Maureen I'd like to use on the website - giving him credit and perhaps we could even endorse his group of pictorial groups. I talked with Maureen last week and she said she thought Roddy was at that time in Florida. Could you possibly tell me where I could write to him? I was also considering a link from my "How Green..." segment. http://www.jetcity.com/~beck/maureen.html
I'm sorry, but I don't have any direct contact with Mr. McDowall. I could try using some of my "Tales of the Gold Monkey" contacts to pass along the message or get a mailing address, but that could take a while. Have you tried The Musgrave Foundation? They're a Roddy McDowall fan club, so they should have a mailing address. You can get more information about them at http://www.smithway.org/clan/foundation.html.

Maddog maddog@staroasis.com Found your page by doing a search for information on a child actor. He appearred in the 'Ape Boy' episode. Your epg lists him as 'Shannon Sinutko' his name is 'Shane Sinutko.' Just clarifying matters.
Well, Maddog, I went back to the tapes and verified that the young actor is indeed credited as Shannon Sinutko. Perhaps, he changed to the more masculine sounding 'Shane' later in his career. The episode originally aired in January 1983.

Christhart Christhart@aol.com This site makes me sooooooo happy!!!!!!! When I was in 7th grade, I tried to start up a petition to get the show back on the air--4 years after it went off. Talk about being naive!! I loved this show so much that I wanted to tape every episode (back when no one had a VCR & taht meant tapping it with a cassette tape)!!!
Thank you so much!!!!
You're welcome. Perhaps now that you have a VCR (You do have a VCR, don't you?), someone out there will air reruns. There's always hope.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I loved the Fan-Fic, but this commercial stuff is frustrating. Where's the rest? Can't wait. I finally got to see "JAG". All I could keep thinking is that he sure reminds me of Jake--he even likes cigars. I guess that I can't blame Mr. Bellisario--
Now, now, Shannon, patience. We don't want to give you all the fan-fic at once. If we did that, you'd never come back. :)

Barb Chatametikool Bnsintex@flash.net Thank you for putting me on the board. Since I wrote in, I have been checking the site every day to see if I was there yet, looking forward to your comments. I'm making my way through the other bulletin boards--I've got 13, 14, and 15 to go. I know you have a backlog of taping to do, but I wanted to add my name to the list--no pressure. I'd love a copy of the entire run on LP whenever you get a chance. Thanks!!! By the way, it's really neat to have so many Canucks on the boards. My husband is from Vancouver and I much prefer the gentle land of Canada to the US. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that he'll be able to get a job as a Latin American history professor in the Vancouver area, BUT it does mean that we have to visit his family there often. The first message on BB#16 has two lines from a Bare Naked Ladies song...I love that group. I was fortunate to see them play in Dallas, TX two years ago. They were absolutely fabulous. Just curous, but are there other Gold Monkey fans out there that are also fans of Due South? That is another show that I am passionate about. It has a great sense of humor, great characters and relationships (especially Fraser and Vecchio's--the new Vecchio), and it provides me with my Canadian fix every week. Sigh. Texas just doesn't compare.
Thanks for stopping back, Barb. Sorry for the delay in posting (I try to keep my mail turnaround time pretty low) and in tape making. It'll be about a month or so before I can make copies for you. I'll let you know before I start making them. The cost should come to $18 ($3/tape) for shipping in the US. That covers the cost of the blank tapes and postage.
Hmmm...maybe we should start a border war on the bulletin boards. Which country is better the US or Canada? Let's see the fur fly!

Remy remy@netins.net Hello, I love the site! I miss the show, but always thought I was alone. Now..., oh my.
I will spend the next couple days checking all the sites featuring 'Tales...' info, but yours is undoubted the best. Thanks again for keeping it alive and here's to reruns.
Know anyone with copies of episodes? Thanks again,
Gee, Remy, I don't know if there are any other sites featuring Gold Monkey. I've checked. There's not much out there, which is why I started the site.
And yes, I have all the episodes and have been making copies for folks. But I'm swamped with requests right now. It might take a month or so before I could start making tapes for you. But I'll post your request to the bulletin board just in case there are some other good samaritans out there.

Karen Valentine KBVtv@webtv.net So glad to see I'm not the only one who misses this show! The only good news is that "JAG" is TOTGM in 1998! You have the handsome ex-pilot with a slight disability that keeps him from flying war planes who also has problems commiting to a woman, even though he is secretly in love with her. You have the spunky tall and willowy female partner and possible love interest (whose name is SARAH, yet!) with dark reddish-brown hair and large, expressive eyes. You have the slightly stout male side-kick who sometimes seems kinda dumb, but usually comes through in the end. No dog this time, but you can't have everything! Put all this together with the same producer, and you get a show that supplies a bit of a respite from our sad cancellation memories! I suggest you give it a look if you haven't already!
Love your site! Keep up the good work!
I've caught a few episodes of JAG. It's okay, but nothing can compare to our Monkey. I mean, Harm's all right, but he's no Jake Cutter. Unfortunately, there's only one. Trust me. I've been looking for a viable substitute, real or fictional, for 15 years and haven't found him yet.
And speaking of JAG, if you didn't know already, our very own Jeff "Corky" MacKay will be making a couple of guest appearances on the show as the father of "the slightly stout male side-kick". Appropriate, eh?

James Dunn jdunn@srhs.com Are there any video tapes available for the TV series or the made for TV movie that kicked off the series? Mr. Jim Chrysler of Seattle Seaplanes had a copy of the pilot movie but said it belonged to a friend of his in Alaska and he would not copy it for me. Do you have access to a copy of the tapes? Mr. Chrysler bought the Cutter's Goose which had been owned by Jay Templeton and kept at Bay Bridge and Salisbury Airports in Maryland and then repainted it. He says 2 or 3 different Gooses were used in the filming and can be distinguished by their radio antennae. I just sent Duane Rowland a picture of a Goose on Skis which I obtained from Wright Brothers Catalog from Sporty's Pilot Shops.
Yes, I do have copies of all the episodes and have been making copies for people, but there's a long waiting list. I can add you to the list if you'd like. Maybe in the meantime, we can all write to Universal Home Video and get them to start selling the tapes. It sure would make my life a whole lot easier.
Thanks a lot for your note and the Goose information.

Barb Chatametikool Bnsintex@flash.net I look forward to seeing the fur fly! Thanks for doing the tapes. Let me know when you want money. I'm heading down further south of the border (Mexico City) to spend Spring Break (I'm a grad student) with my husband who is doing dissertation research there. I'll check in when I get back to see who lauches the next rocket. Will this be as fun as the Duran Duran debate? Maybe we can get the Aussies involved.
I think it may be difficult to get the Aussies involved in a border war since they don't even have a border. But I'm sure we can turn this into a full-fledged, worldwide bitchfest. :)

Karen Valentine KBVtv@webtv.net Great hearing from you! I'm new to this internet thing, so I get real excited when it actually works!
Ain't technology grand?
Yes, I agree that "JAG" doesn't hold a candle to "TGM"! I was hooked on "TGM" from the first few seconds of the pilot & didn't miss a single episode since. What a crime that it lasted only one year! Of course, that's a longevity record compared to some other shows I've liked! The only comfort is knowing that they probably would've changed it into crap the 2nd season. From what I've heard from Caitlin, ABC's ideas sounded pretty bad!
What suggestions did you hear about? I'm sure any ideas that came from those ABC weenies had to be bad. We got to hear first-hand about the relationship between the show's producers and the network at our Gold Monkey Gathering this past September. We sure had a blast! If you haven't found them already, there are pictures, sound files and a brief (and incomplete) summary of the occasion located on the web site. Plus, there's a video available for just $5 (the cost of the blank tape and postage).
Thanks for the info on Jeff MacCay! I was wondering where he'd gone off to. Donald P. has always been fond of using him in his series'.
Jeff's been keeping himself busy with writing and such. And once in a while, when he's not too busy, he'll pop into the site and "chat".
Keep in touch, & let me know what you liked best about "TGM" .
Definitely the relationships between the characters. These characters had souls. We tuned in each week because we genuinely cared what happened to them. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Isn't Karen Valentine one of the writers in the TGM fanfic zines that you haven't put online yet (hint hint)?
Yes, yes. I know. I've been a bad and busy do-bee. But someday soon, I'll get all the old and new fanfic up, including Karen Valentine's stories. Really. REALLY!! But things are hectic for me right now. I'm in the middle of a job search, so that's taking priority right now. But as soon as I'm settled into a lovely, new career, I'll get the stories online.

Mzdixe Mzdixe@aol.com What ever happened to the dog's (cannot remember his name) eye? Did he ever get it back?
How can you forget poor Jack's name?! Oh well, no, Jack never got his eye back. First Jake lost it in a poker game. Then in a later episode, he got it back briefly, but Corky and Sarah had to use it to pay off some natives to go out and rescue Jake. I don't think Jack ever forgave Jake for almost getting himself killed and losing his eye again.

Francisco J. Marviz=n poliedro@bbvnet.com Hello I'm Francisco, I live in Spain and I apologize for my english. I've been watching lately this tv show again and i find it lovely. I'd recorded them like ten years ago when they played it on tv and about a month ago I opened a box and i found that it was full of videotapes and most of them were from the Tales of the Golden Monkey. Which other series do you like ?
I'd like to tell you lots of things about this but i must leave. Please keep in touch and answer ASAP.
I hope this is soon enough, Francisco. About other series that I like, I have ecclectic tastes, spanning different genres and decades. My favorite show of all time is St. Elsewhere. Other favorites include Cheers, M*A*S*H, Max Headroom and Get Smart. My favorite current series is 7th Heaven and not just because Stephen Collins stars in it.
Come back again soon so we can all talk about Tales of the Gold Monkey.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com THE GLOVES COME FLYING OFF!!!!!
Who wrote that horrible jab against Texas? I hope our resident COWBOY didn't see that. As far as the country thing, neither is better than the other. I have to say that because that CRAZY Canuck is bound to show up. She has excellent taste in music you know---Duran Duran (the monkey goddess cringes). I am seeing the first of the "JAG" series so I am going on search for this Sarah info. I don't think that the show compares to TOTGM. The characters don't have that famous interaction we love so much and there is definitely a lack of humor. However, if someone sent me JAG for a birthday present, I wouldn't return him. He is no Jake Cutter, but he does have some interesting assets of his own.
Oh, boy. This is going to be a major war, isn't it? BTW, Shannon, I like Duran Duran. However, I didn't want the debate to take over the board. After all, it's a Gold Monkey site.
And if you've just gotten JAG over there, then you'll have to wait a while for the Sarah character. She's introduced in the second season, I believe. You probably have the first season which was on a different network (NBC) and features a different cast. However, David James Elliot is constant throughout. And have you ever noticed that all of Don Bellisario's heros all pretty much look alike? Tall, ruggedly handsome, yet boyish. They all have similar smiles and dimples. Not that I'm complaining. :)

Greg Weir Greg.Weir@andataco.com I want to tell you what a wonderful site you have here. It's really filled with information and trivia.
I worked at an ABC affiliate as a promotion director when the series was on and enjoyed it very much.
I want to thank you for the font of information you have here. I'm on a mailing list where someone insisted that "Cutter's Goose" was a Boeing "Spruce Goose." I used to know because of the information that was sent me from ABC, but not now. I found your site via Alta Vista and, poof, there was the exact info I needed.
That's the main reason I started my web site. I found lots of questions floating about the internet regarding the show, but very few answers. I like to think of my humble site as a resource center. Of course a really fun resource center.

Remy remy@netins.net Patricia, You are right, the only other places of information about TOTGM are mirrors of your information. If anyone out there can help me get copies of the show I have something to sweeten the deal (if its your cup o' tea) every MST3K (except #523), over 100 Dr Who's, 70 Babylon 5's, 112 Seinfeld's, 84 Frasier's and 250+ "Star Trek..." episodes. Certainly someone out there must need something. Thanks for the great site, here's to reruns!
Well, Remy, I have all the episodes on tape, but right now I'm swamped with requests. I'll post this to the bulletin board where maybe one of the very many people I've made tapes for would be able to make them for you sooner.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Okay, no more Duran talk. Although, I doubt that anyone would say that the band could ever be as fun to talk about as TOTGM. Since the subject was brought up, my favorite current show is "Sliders". I know. Fox canned it, but it has been moved to the Sci-Fi Channel and has 22 new episodes starting June 8. I have ordered satellite from SKY. I thought that it was time that I got into a more current television status. I hate not knowing what is going on. Speaking of keeping in touch, I suggest a mid-year chat gathering. We could start discussing the next Gathering. Lots of luck.
Well, we sure haven't had a chat in a while. Might be time for one. Now the big question, what time and day should we hold this chat? This was always the big problem since there are so many Monkiacs in so many time zones.

Simon solo@bctel.ca Hi There, I just wanted to let you know that I came and visited your site. My name is Simon and I used to LOVE Tales of the Gold Monkey. My favorite was Jack the dog. I am actually interested in getting a dog and am trying desperately to find out what type of terrier cross Jack is. He may be pure Jack Russell Terrier; however, his snout seems a little long. If you know what type of dog he is EXACTLY ( I am not looking for close or maybe) Please email me. Jack is definitely the coolest dog on earth. Great web page!
Thanks for the compliment, Simon. Actually, I don't anybody was quite sure what breed of dog Leo (Jack's real name) was. He was found at an animal shelter. I've heard him as being several different blends of terriers, Jack Russell, Fox and some others. It just goes to show that Jack was one of a kind.

IMPORTANT NEWS! I've changed my P.O. box yet again. My new snail mail address is P.O. Box 964, Hanson, MA 02341.

Bob Clinton ClintonR@MICROMODELING.COM Patricia, I've been lurking around the site for a while, since I haven't had much to say. But I just wanted to let you know that we just bought a puppy, a Jack Russell. In reading about the breed I discovered that the Fox terrier was bred out of the Jack Russells. I'm thinking about making a patch for her, but I fear the wife will not be amused if I do. The puppy is not marked like Leo, she's mostly solid white with a brown mask, still very cute and smart.
I sent Jeff an email asking about the JAG, haven't heard back from him. Does anyone know when he'll be on?
Hope things are going well. Talk to you later.
Welcome back, Bob. No word yet about when Jeff will make his first JAG appearance. If I had to guess, I'd say May sweeps. When I find out any more information, I'll post it immediately to the bulletin board.

Dave Faige ke6jqp@west.net I just surfed into your Web site. It was a real pleasure seeing all the material you have. Tales of the Gold Monkey was one of the last TV shows I actually looked forward to seeing. Pity it was a short-lived series. I wonder if you could include a picture of the "clipper" plane on your site? I remember seeing it shown in a later episode. I'd like to see it to determine where Universal got the footage from (possibly some old Pan Am footage?). Anyway, a wonderful site!
Thanks, Dave. When I get some free time, I'll try to get a video capture of the clipper used in the show. I don't know where Universal got the stock footage, but maybe the picture will be of some help.

Krista Kraglund pumpkin@dbis.ns.ca HI! i was wondering how i could get involved in the gold monkey think too. all i heard about growing up was about the show and i was never allowed to watch tv when it was on. my sister would hurt me if i tried.
well let me know...
Well, Krista, it doesn't take much to get involved with us. Just get your sister, Karen, to show you all the episodes. I know she has them all. Then you can join us in our discussions. But in the meantime, you can fill all of us Monkiacs in on the gory details of the Smurf incident from your perspective, since the Smurf himself isn't talking.

Anthony Adams jaadams@fau.campus.mci.net just a "hey" to say "hey" Love your site. Reading the scripts brings back wonderful memories, and I still haven't figured out why this show wasn't huge. Wonder if DB has tried peddling a new version to cable?
Thank you so much
Heck, I'd settle for someone peddling the old version to cable! But as far as I know, Don Bellisario hasn't tried peddling anything Gold Monkey related since 1983. Such a pity.

Dan Prichard Found your page - who would have thought? I remember loving it from the very opening scene of the pilot and was gutted when it finished. Very few people saw it when it was shown in Britain (1982 I was 13 at the time) as it went head to head with "Coronation Street", the mother of all soaps in the UK which has been running for about 1000 years and demolishes anything put up against it - so nobody ever knew what I was raving about, confusing it with "Monkey", a Japanese martial arts fantasy show which featured the title character who used to fly around on a cloud and fight hordes of samurai warriors every week, with his cohorts Sandy the Cannibal, Pigsy (he was a Manpig) and a boy-priest who later turned out to be a girl. "But no", I would say, "you're getting confused. This show is about a man with a one-eyed dog who he argues with every week, and there's a Japanese princess, and big apes, and volcanoes and everything!" But to no avail….sigh
Still, a major passion of my adolescence at least and so lovely to see it again.
I don't remember all of the episodes but Last Chance Louie, Trunk from the Past and Naka Jima Kill stand out.
Favourite character? - I liked Louie because I´ve always liked Roddy McDowall and Stephen Collins was/is just very good (but I don´t think I´ve seen him in anything else since but mini.series, although I liked him in Star Trek The Motion Picture (didn´t he "evolve" into another higher species at the end of that one, when coupling with the bald girl??? Kinds of limits the chances of a reprise of his character)
I wouldn't worry about people not having a long list of questions to put to the stars. Like I said, TOTGM was a great show but all I would be able to say to them would…. Great show, really liked it. You were cool,, watched it every week… But nice to know that they are out there still and interested. My question would be: Is Faye Grant doing anything now? I remember her in Last Chance … and then being very good in V (before it went weekly and bad)
Try not to get worked up about this but there was a TOTGM comic strip that ran for a couple of months in the UK in a magazine called TV Comic. I don´t know if it´s the storybook you refer to but I don´t think so as they were about eight different stories, none of them based on the episodes shown or listed in your Episode Guide. The quality of the animation was very high (but there was a change of artist and everyone began to look very strange) I´m sure that I´ve got them at home somewhere but I´m in Mexico and I´m not going back to England for about six months. When I get back I´ll have a look for you and get them copied (there is slight doubt that they might have disappeared into the night a coupl of Christamasses back when the roof was blown off by a freak gust - a roof tile nearly hit my brother and his fiancee- gasp!)
You mentined that it was being shown in Mexico months - do you know if it´s still on???
That´s about it I guess. Like I said - lovely page, lovingly done - and anyone who says otherwise is being mean.
Thanks a lot for your wonderful note, Dan. From the sound of it, you're still reading the older boards. The USA Networks Latin America feed did rerun Tales of the Gold Monkey a couple of years ago, but I don't think it's airing anymore.
I've never actually seen the comics you mentioned but I think I've heard of them. There was supposed to be an auction in London back in September 1996 of storyboards which included ones for the show. As far as I know, the auction never took place. You can get more information and see one of the storyboards at http://www.bonhams.com/auct/a960905/Page6.html to see if it's one of the comics you have. If you do indeed find them, I'd love to see them and try to get them online.

In the interest of equal time, we now have a rebuttal from Krista's sister.
Karen J. McLean
babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca ACK! It's my kid sister! Oh, the tales she could tell. I've sworn the Smurf to secrecy, but I've run out of Crispy Crunch bars to bribe Krista with like in the good ol' days ... I must come up with a *plan* ... By the way, with regards to the little reprise of the War of 1812 (US vesus us) -- Canada is the greatest country in the world. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see a hockey game with a Mountie after making maple syrup and trekking to a beaver dam. And what's with all of this snow, eh?
Hey! Does Doug know about you and the Mountie? :)

Dave Faige ke6jqp@west.net Patricia, Just as an aside, I am a member of the Pan Am Historical Foundation and I have been researching the golden era (propliners!) of Pan Am, from 1930 to 1956. Back in the time of the seaplanes, the Pan Am clippers provided people with a sense of adventure and traveling to far off,> exotic places unlike any other form of travel before or since. Tales of the Gold Monkey captured this mood. That's one of the many reasons I enjoyed the show.
Actually, it turns out that if you do a time jump between Pan Am's operation as they did with the Flying Tigers (i.e., historical events of 1940-1941 are shifted to 1938), then the setting of the Monkey Bar with Jake's operation feeding the clipper flights actually becomes plausible. I could go into detail about that if there is some interest here.
I noticed that you have a long waiting list for video copies of TOTGM - please put me on your list. I don't mind waiting a couple of months to get them. Just to get them some day would make me happy!
Finally, on reading the Geographical Model of the Marivellas, all I can say about Latitude/Longitude positions provided on TV/movies is that Jake had the right idea about a position providing 4000 square miles to search and would rather use the blue-faced booby theory! An excellent example is Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where a key Latitude/Longitude position is batted out many times in the movie and yet, if you fix it on a map, you'll find the position is off by some distance. Thank goodness those TV/movie guys don't navigate ships & planes!
Thanks a lot for all the info, Dave. Go into all the detail you want. I would really appreciate it. I'll appreciate it so much that I'll put you on the really long list for videos.

Karen Valentine KBVtv@webtv.net Caitlin told me that ABC was ready to dump her and change the show into the adventures of Jake Cutter, all-around hero and ladies' man. That would've taken the heart right out of the show.
I knew the ABC executives were weenies, but I didn't realize that they were mondo-weenies!!! The reason I started to watch the show was because Jake was different from all the other macho TV heros. He could be tough and tender. He had loving and caring relationships with his friends. But most of all, he didn't fall for the "bimbo of the week". He actually had a steady (sorta) relationship with a woman he deeply cared for. Just goes to prove how clueless TV suits can be.

JAMES E F LANDAUBCNK89B@prodigy.com I noticed the scientist in one of your stories was named McWhirtle. Interesting name. I used that name in the parodic Alanis Smith stories at "Prodigy High" for a set of septuplets a few years ago. Their names were Amethyst McWhirtle, Heaven Leigh McWhirtle, and a bunch of other "sweet"-sounding crap. I have never run across the name since, and yours is the only article on all of AltaVista with the word "mcwhirtle" in it. Is your writer familiar with my stories, or what?
I don't know, James. You could try e-mailing Len Warne at jlenw@aol.com. I haven't heard from him since he sent me his story. I'll also post your message to the bulletin board in case he reads it.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca They were going to dump Caitlin and turn Jake into ... That's terrible! You're right, MonkeyWoman -- what made Jake most appealing to me (well, aside from the obvious) was the fact that he *wasn't* a male slut. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think I'm glad they cancelled the show. At least this way we can remember it with pride.
Granted, I'd rather have a few good episodes of Gold Monkey than several seasons of a bastardized version, but we don't know if the producers would have bowed down to ABC's commands. I wonder if they tried to sell the show to NBC or CBS after all that. They would have appreciated the show for what it was.
On the McWhirtle thread ... It's probably an actual name. When I was in grade four, the grade two teacher's name was Mrs. McWhirter. It's not that far a jump.
And Len is a Canadian, so it's possible.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Karen the Canuck wrote: what made Jake most appealing to me (well, aside from the obvious) was the fact that he *wasn't* a male slut.
Erm, aren't we forgetting High Stakes Sl-er, Lady? The trend was *already* going towards girl of the week. There was the nun, the Amish lady, Princess Koji :)
Although Jake did seem to succumb to "Macho Hero" disease in the middle of the season, he cleaned up his act in the end. After his run in with the nun, he only had eyes for Sarah. And it's a good thing too. Truth be told, I almost gave up on the show during the "bimbo of the week" stretch.

Unifalcon Unifalcon@aol.com Thanks for the memories. I missed the episodes on USA. The episode guide was the best part! From my recollection though I still think the pilot episode was the best. Do you know of anyone that may have the series on tape? I have plenty of TV shows on tape myself or I would be willing to pay. Thanks again for creating the page. On a whim I entered Gold Monkey into Yahoo and there it was! :)
Glad you found the site and enjoyed yourself. Yes, I have all the episodes on tape, but I am really swamped with requests right now, so it could take a month or two. But I'll put you on the list, if you want. Also, I'll post your request to the bulletin board. Maybe somebody else out there could help you out.

Ask and you shall receive. Dave Faige has just sent me a HTML file with all sorts of great clipper stuff. Check it out at http://www.goldmonkey.com/clipper.html.

Rachel McWilliams rmcwilliams@crs.loc.gov First thing, I did get a nice e-mail from Steve recently, so I appreciate the help in tracking in him down. Second, I would like a copy of your get together and to be added to the list of the many who would like copies of the original episodes. I was also thinking, with all the interest this site seems to be generating, why not start an e-mail petition, to be forwarded on to all the various cable outlets and Mr. Bellsario expressing our interest in see TOTGM episodes re-run somewhere. Maybe I am being simplistic, but it sounds like a good idea. Any chance of there being another TOTGM gathering???? Thanks for keeping this site up!!!!
First thing, it was my pleasure to help you find Stephen. Second, you're now on the ever-growing list of tape requests. It now looks like a two month wait, so maybe somebody else out there can help. An e-mail petition couldn't hurt. We've tried just about everything else. And there's always a chance of there being another TOTGM Gathering, but nothing's in the works so far.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Wow! What a great article, Dave! All of that great information on the Clipper! This answers a lot of questions, that's for sure. I think most of all, I'm really impressed that, if you scoot the year back a bit, everything fits. Looks like Mr. B did his homework, and, obviously, so did you. Great stuff! Got any more? :)
And that goes to anybody out there who wants to contribute to the site. The more, the merrier.

These days, just about everybody has their very own web site, and our very special friend, Stephen Collins, is no exception. His site at www.stephencollins.com will officially open on April 10, but check it out now and e-mail him your congratulations.

Dave Faige ke6jqp@west.net By writing up that little piece, I guess I have fallen from the true faith of the membership of the Pan Am Historical Foundation. But, if you can't have fun with history, then what's the point of researching it in first place?! Thanks for putting it up on your Web site!
Karen McLean asked if I have more on the clippers. Well, I could provide extensive information about them, but that would be getting away from the subject of this Web site. However, I do vaguely recall an episode where Jake is flying the clipper. If my memory serves (and you might be able to confirm that for me), then I would definitely have something to say about that. Other than that, I'll have to view the episodes of TOTGM again before I can come up with more on the clippers and how they were represented in TOTGM.
Well, Dave, we never did see Jake fly the Clipper. The only episode in which we saw the Clipper in flight without the benefit of stock footage was "Force of Habit", when the Clipper was stolen and Jake (involuntarily) chased after them with the Goose. In all other episodes in which the Clipper was shown, we only saw the it tied up at the dock or in footage.

Karl Gerulath kgerulath@hotmail.com Hey there, I've been meaning to send you a note for awhile now. I just wanted to let you knowthat I got my tape and it was AWESOME !!! The show is way better than I ever expected. I had fond memories of it, but I was half expecting to be disappointed when I actually saw it again now that I'm a bit older..... I was very pleasantly surprised. I guess the fact that it takes place in a historical timeframe cuts down on the 80's hokieness that spoiled reruns of so many other shows for me, but what really surprised me was that the writing seemed pretty sophisticated for 80's tv. No lame A-Team schlock plot lines here ! Anyway, I just wanted to send you a notesaying Thanks. I can't believe you are sending those tapes out so cheaply. There is no way you can be making any money, and I know you put a lot of effort into making and sending the tapes, so ....... Thanks
Another satisfied customer. I'm glad you enjoyed the tapes. Yes, the episodes do stand up well against the test of time, testimony to the high all-around production standards. And no, I don't make any money from the tapes. I make the tapes because I know what it's like to be Monkey-less and I want to help. But personally, I'd love it if Universal Home Video would help out instead.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Well, I am back. My server dumped my password and I have had a terrible time getting my internet up and running. For anyone interested, Italy On Line has joined ABC in the "MONDO-WEANIES" category. Nice word from the Monkey Woman. I agree with everyone regarding the possible dumping of our beloved Sarah. I still can't bear to watch "High Stakes Lady" and any show with Ann Lockhart in it reminds me of Jake's "Bimbo Stretch". I can't figure out why she was in so many shows as the love interest--"Airwolf" she had an abortion (Strinfellow's baby), "Simon and Simon" she was a love interest for ???(the guy married to Delta Burke). The list goes on and I never thought she was that great. I am rambling--Sorry. I located the mIRC site if we need a place for the chat.
Luck to all.
Yes, yes, we need to set up a chat, but it's not going to be easy with all the different time zones involved. So, all those who'd like to participate in a MonkeyChat, please let me know and suggest a good day and time.

Alberto Sanchez albi@johnabbott.qc.ca Hi! Although I was only about nine at the time, I remember that I used to watch this show a lot. Altough I don't remember too many specific stories, I DO remember liking it quite a bit.
Pretty neat to see someone with a web page on it...
I'm glad you stopped by, Albi. Poke around the site for a while and see if some more fond memories return.

It's time again to begin a new bulletin board, so on to #18.

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